Tuesday, 5 February 2019


I hope you can join me and 100 other artists at Q Park in Whitcombe Street WC2H 7DT this Sunday, between 12 and 8pm, for an afternoon of mud wrestling fun to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Pig. 

Here's a link to the location: https://www.q-park.co.uk/en-gb/cities/london/leicester-square/

In the exhibition "Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad" curated by Rebecca Feiner in association with artist Vanya Balogh, I will be manifesting as Miss Piggy, Porcine, and refereeing the match between Victory and Brexit. Artist Frog Morris will be in attendance - is it a bet or is it a raffle? Will there be Victory over Brexit? Who will win? Find out this Sunday Feb 10th! The fight begins at 2pm, and we are in Time Out:

For more information on the exhibition please go here: https://www.artlyst.com/whats-on-archive/four-legs-good-two-legs-bad-chinese-new-year-pig-2019/

Thursday, 31 January 2019


For those of you who are interested in my life drawing sessions at Little Nan's in Deptford, please note that there will be no session next Monday -  on Feb. 4th. We will be back again the following week - Feb. 11th

I'm super excited and very happy that my paintings 
" HMS Impregnable" and "If Only the Moon" were recently accepted for exhibition at the London Bridge Hotel OPEN. 

This is a lovely exhibition taking place in the lobby and bar of this fabulous hotel in London Bridge. It opened last night and is supported by Team London Bridge and Southwark Council.

 More info here: https://www.teamlondonbridge.co.uk/newsdetails.aspx?ref=4379

“HMS Impregnable” and “If Only the Moon” are an exploration of the
wonder and fascination for floral motifs in our history, and a
metaphorical description of the power of flowers to uplift and revive the
spirit in times of adversity.

Vibrant blue roses dance across the canvas, surrounded by rich, cloud
streaked blue skies above, and the choppy waters of deep green sea

The source for the roses springs from an abandoned hospital screen
discovered in the 1990s, when my art expressed itself through installations. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher rolled out Care in the

Community. Hospitals and institutions closed. I attended an auction of
furniture and equipment and found a hospital screen. The poignancy of
its chintz rose pattern inspired me to start painting again. The patina on the fabric, rich with emotional resonance. Sanderson Chelsea, 1950s
style retro. English beauty, wonder, fascination. I started drawing and
painting as an experiment. Describing and capturing process,
rendering flowers.

Within the paintings can be found 83 names. Some of the people
tragically affected by the Government’s “Welfare Reform”,
as documented in Ken Loach’s film “I, Daniel Blake”. For example,
Colin Traynor suffered from epilepsy. He was denied disability living
allowance and found fit for work. His seizures increased due to stress.
He won his appeal five weeks after his death. His father said: “I firmly
believe – 100% believe – that the system this government introduced
has killed my son.”

Other elements include butterflies, sailors, birds, fish and mermaids. A
Japanese kitsune fox transformed into a woman. Darwin’s famous ship
HMS Beagle, chased by a sea monster. Poetry and song lyrics,
including the artist’s own.

There are fourteen artists exhibiting, all works are for sale, and the exhibition continues until June.

Saturday, 8 December 2018


Tomorrow (Sunday 9th December) you can find me at The Union Chapel Christmas Market, from 1-6pm. I'll be running a willow weaving workshop, helping you to make small circle decorations for your tree. The workshop's free, and part of their Winter Warmers Week. There'll be an art market, mulled wine and of course Santa will be there! Other artists involved are Rubbish Artist, Giulia Zaniol and Dick Graham. More info here:

Monday Dec. 10th is the last Nudey Nan life drawing session round Little Nan's in Deptford, before the Christmas break. We'll be back again after that on January 7th 2019! Join us for a lovely, cosy, relaxed and enchanted life drawing session in Granddad's Shed - SE8 4BX.

On Thursday evening I'll have a small table selling a selection of art pieces at Wave Cafe's end of term celebration, in Muswell Hill. Come along and join the fun!

More info here:

Five Alive! fourth Sundays - book your place for Five Alive! Or book a unique Christmas gift for the life drawing enthusiast in your life - the life drawing session with a difference. On the fourth Sundays in January, March, April and July I'll be running this relaxed and fun life drawing session upstairs in the bar at Union Chapel - 6-9pm.

With five models, yoga and acrobatics, feats of strength, lots of short poses and a multi model long pose, if you enjoy life drawing, or are eager to get started, book your place now by following this link:

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!Toodlepip - with love and best wishes - Joanna

Saturday, 20 October 2018


Get ahead of the Xmas rush and pop down to Granddad’s Shed at Little
Nan’s Bar in Deptford on Saturday November 17th from 11am to 3pm,
where artist Joanna McCormick will be hosting the most sumptuos and
fabulous festive arty treat.

At The Crafty Christmas Arty ART FAIR you’ll find cards and ceramics, Christmas fishes, jewels and jackets, paintings and pants, sculpture and scarves, horses, unicorns, hot mulled cider and MORE!!!

There’ll be delicious food available, a fully stocked bar, with Little Nan’s famous cocktails in tea pots on offer and and their Pigs in Blankets, which are YUM!!!

Come along and grab yourself a super original bespoke and hand made Christmas bargain.

Meet some of the most original and innovative contemporary fine artists and craftspeople that South East London has to offer.


13 amazing artists taking part:


I create unique Steampunk inspired jewellery and accessories, each piece is handmade by me using genuine watch & clock parts, vintage lace, and broken vintage and costume jewellery. Given the nature of my materials no two pieces are ever the same! 


Limited edition one off clay artworks, souvenirs of the ‘sea’. Each object came from the earth and was shaped with the intuition that comes from remaining in a state of openess. This is porcelain, crank, terracota, earthenware and red grog clay.


The Unicorn trail was an art display that has been shown in various venues, unicorns and riders scattered about the area for explorers to track down. It has always been a popular piece & the creator D J Elliott has also used the unicorns in a poem film that can be seen on her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPPUxEeml6er4DFUwCgX1Rg


Dick will be selling a range of small framed drawings, watercolours and monoprints, as well as hand printed linocut cards, including his anti-Tory Santa and Snowman.


Artist/ Author/ Veteran.  My practise involves making an attempt to clean up the environment whilst making art. By recycling nitrous oxide canisters I make sculptures and wearable art. The canisters serve more than one purpose, therefore becoming high art.


I am a painter, in oils and watercolours, a sculptor in cardboard and plaster and junk, and a sometimes singing live artist delivering a variety of performance pieces including "Vox Wonder, Voice Activated Drawing Machine", "Sweetalking" and "Moon Moon Sing Sing". At Little Nan’s I will be selling miniature mushroom sculptures, Peace Pops, Art Scarves and Christmas Fish.


I make things out of paper and fragments; bits of cloth, flotsam and jetsam. These things often have a message; sometimes it is loud and anarchic, sometimes a whisper. I will be selling handmade prints and embroidered pants; pants as art and art as pants.


KED takes unloved and discarded ceramic figurines and remakes them into joyfully quirky, queer, unique character ceramic pieces. From clown drag queens to regal dog princesses and child like elders, her broken ceramic pieces are full of personality. Love ’em or hate ’em they are truly unique talking pieces.


These small paintings are A6 in size. I had an exhibition of paintings of A1 size and wondered whether I could create smaller images and landscapes that could hold the gaze.


I will be selling beautiful riso zines, medals for deserving trouble makers, intersectional feminist cups, ceramic badges, radical name tapes  and more rabble rousing goods to give us strength and buoy us up in difficult times.


With her desire to get to the bottom of real creativity and remove art from its conventional and confined realm, Rubbish Artist was inspired to begin experimenting with materials which would normally be considered to be “rubbish” and discarded by society. She transforms these items into enriching art objects that highlight society’s wastefulness.


The Skip Sisters are a collective of artist friends based in South London who have have been upcycling for a decade. They create one-off covetable objects from humble sources.  Their work is notorious for its sense of fun. Jewellery, dioramas, and textiles will be exhibited.


I am a ceramicist, specialising in hand-built animals, mainly horses. I don't like to make anything too realistic, instead I aim to make characters that will hopefully raise a smile.

Event: Crafty Christmas Arty Art Fair 

Date and times: Saturday November 17th 11am - 3pm 

Venue: Granddad's Shed at Little Nan's Bar, Arch 15 

           Deptford Market Yard, Deptford, SE8 4NX

Participating artists: Cotton and Cogs (Victoria Morris), 

Caroline Gregory, Debbie Elliot, Dick Graham, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick,

Joanna McCormick, Julia Maddison, Karen Doyle, Mario Jerome,

Rachael House, Rubbish Artist, Skip Sisters, Varla de Milo.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

CRAFTY CHRISTMAS ARTY ART FAIR presented by Joanna McCormick
Get ahead of the Xmas rush and pop down to 

Granddad’s Shed at Little Nan’s Bar in Deptford

where I’ll be hosting the most sumptuous and 

fabulous, festive arty treat. 

At The Crafty Christmas Arty Art Fair you’ll find cards and ceramics, jewels and jackets, paintings and pants, sculptures and scarves, mulled wine and MORE!!!

Come along and grab yourself a super original bespoke and hand made Christmas bargain.

Meet and mingle with some of the most original and innovative contemporary fine artists and craftspeople that South East London has to offer.

It's on for one day only! Saturday November 17th, 11am - 3pm, so don't miss out! Reach out and catch your chance with both hands.
At Granddad's Shed, Little Nan's Bar, Arch 15 Deptford Market Yard, SE8 4BX.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Hello everyone,

Don't forget Life Drawing TONIGHT at Little Nan's in Deptford!
This is a very relaxing, informal class, with music and drinks available for purchase from the bar.

Happy October!

This weekend I was taking part in the Nunhead Art Trail, and I painted some of the windows in local shops in the lead up to the weekend:

It was a fabulous event, many thanks to those of you who popped in.

At The Culture Cafe every Wednesday from 11am - 2pm from now until Christmas, over at Union Chapel in Islington, we'll be doing willow weaving.
Join me for a relaxed and fun time every Wednesday in the wonderful, serene surroundings of the chapel. All free. More info here:

Want to learn to draw in 3 days? Sign up for my crash course in the art of drawing. Starting this Friday and running every Friday for three weeks, 10am - 4pm. The venue is MYO at Peckham Levels:

Enrol now by following this link:

You can also enrol for my Still Life Artists course, running on Tuesday mornings, 10am - 1pm, also at MYO. This course will start on  October 16th:

This coming weekend is Frieze! And I'm super excited and pleased to be taking part in PROTOCOL, curated by Vanya Balogh. On Friday I'll be doing a mini live art interaction, on the theme of Peace.

On October 19th come to the opening party for The Ghost Tide, curated by Sarah Sparkes and Monika Bobinska. Image below - information attached.

On November 3rd I will be delivering the live art interaction 

at the exhibition's Day of the Dead closing party,
between 2 and 5pm.

I hope to see you somewhere soon!

With love and best wishes - Joanna

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow and every Wednesday morning for the next several weeks, from 11am - 1pm, at Union Chapel in Islington, I'll be running a willow weaving workshop for Open Wednesday's Culture Cafe. Come and join us making weird and wonderful shapes and surprises, for display at the Carols by Candlelight concert in December.
More information can be found here:

On Thursday evening, from 7.30 - 9.30pm, I'll be running an art workshop exploring abstraction at one of the Wave Cafe's fun, exciting, inclusive and unique creative sessions in North London.
Join me for some imaginative, vibrant and expressive fun.
To find out more and book a session go here: https://www.wavecafe.org/whats-on

On Monday, September 17th, it's the first in a series of 6 freestyle life drawing sessions at Little Nan's in Deptford. Little Nan's is a wonderful bar, where they serve cocktails in teapots and an array of other fine beverages. The sessions are free, easy and relaxed, with poses set to music and the bar open throughout.
It's all happening in the luxurious tropical paradise that is Granddad's Shed, Arches 13-15, Deptford Market Yard, SE8 4BX. The cost is £10 per session, first come first served, so arrive early for a prompt start!

And for a very different kind of Life Drawing experience, come to Union Chapel on September 23rd, where I'll be delivering Five Alive, Drawing Stories. A life drawing class with a difference! Join me and storyteller Giles Abbot for a unique three hour life drawing class upstairs in the Bar at Union Chapel.

With three models acting to the dramatic unfolding of a fantastic, eerie and sensational story. With pauses to music throughout, for you to draw different poses, working up to a long pose.

This promises to be a unique, theatrical and very dramatic life drawing session. Giles Abbott – UK’s only blind professional storyteller, is well known for his strong voice, language and stage presence. Giles is also a voice teacher and poet.
I'll be giving hints and tips on how to capture movement, emotion and drama in a figure drawing.

We will have 3 models acting to Giles’s story, and holding the poses to music for you to draw at intervals throughout the night, with regular breaks for refreshment from the bar.
With a series of short poses working up to a long pose, free art materials and drinks available for purchase from the bar throughout the night, this is sure to be a very interesting, engaging and magical evening.

Bring your own drawing board or use our tables. All levels of ability are welcome, so if you’re a fresh young amateur or a life drawing regular master, come along to drink and draw!
Suitable for over 18s only.

Go here to book tickets: https://www.unionchapel.org.uk/event/20180923-five-alive-life-drawing-at-the-chapel/?spektrix_bounce=true

And finally, on the last weekend in September between 11am and 6pm, come and find some amazing, unique, weird, wonderful and delightful work on the Nunhead Art Trail. For more information go here: http://www.nunheadarttrail.co.uk/index.html

My paintings "Self Portrait with Foliage" and "About Peckham Number 1, with Lanternier"  are already on display at
Beaumonts Greengrocers, 121 Evelina Road, SE15 3HB, along with some lovely pastel paintings by artist Dick Graham.

I hope to see you soon, with love and best wishes, toodlepip! - Joanna