Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hello everyone!

You are invited to a farewell party at The Montague Arms on Queen's Road in Peckham. After many years of fantastic pubbyness the venue has sadly closed down. There is a party to celebrate the wonderful life of the pub and the surreal entertainment that took place there over the years. From 8pm this Saturday September 15th. I will be performing Kiss Me Quick at the party, here's a snippet from my last Kiss Me Quick at A Spoonful of Hoxton Poison, thanks to Paul Wady for the vid:

And on Saturday September 22nd I'll be performing with Jude Cowan Montague at At Home With the Ludskis Meat Poppet Masquerade...The evening starts at 11.30pm and goes on til 2.30 in the morning at Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street, E8 2BP, it's £6 to get in.
Art Club Screening Happening with film performance music painting sculpture...
'From Dada to Grandma the beat goes on'

Intriguing & inspiring moving image makers, artists, music makers and performers, take over the Cinema for another unique late night art happening curated by Granny Ludski. Part of Scala Beyond film season.

'A truly alternative happening at this Dalston cinema space which provides 'plastic art, installation, live music, popcorn, intervention, painting, total art, post-contemporary, exhibition, screening, live performance' and more in tribute to Kingsland Palace founder (Dalston's first electric picture house on the site where the Rio now stands) Clara Ludski. Expect a totally surreal, totally bonkers happening across a variety of artistic platforms.' Time Out

And here's a little video of The Nunhead Experience on Sunday September 2nd where Vox Wonder Voice Activated Drawing Machine produced over a hundred drawings in 4 hours!

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