Friday, 28 March 2014


SATURDAY APRIL 5th 2014 11am-6pm

GREEN SHOOTS - Besson Street Community Gardens, London SE15, just behind Kender Primary School, Kender Street, London SE14 5JA

For the past year and a half I have had my studio space at Kender Primary School. I have been working with the children on art projects, in exchange for use of a large classroom space, in which to explore my own art practice.

I am moving to a log cabin in the playground at John Donne Primary School in Peckham, but before I go I will be displaying a sample of my work and giving you a taste of my studio space by setting up a mini installation at Green Shoots, Besson Street Community Gardens, SE14 5AE.

Almost all of the art work will be for sale, so come and grab a bargain. It would be lovely to see you! 

With love and best wishes – Joanna

         “Pink Moon” Jan 2014, watercolour on board, in collaboration with artist Alice Renouf.

    This event is part of the Telegraph Hill Festival.
Follow this link for more info. number 17 on the map:

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