Saturday, 21 November 2020

 Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing okay.

Just a reminder about the launch for "Hell or Highwater" that happened yesterday. You can view the exhibition online by going here:

There's a lovely film of the artworks and performances, as well as activities. For example you can print a zine by Rachael House, and learn how to make a paper boat with Janet Currier.

Here's one of the sailor monoprints that I made for the show:

This December sees the next 10 week run of my Exploring Creativity zoom course. 
Every Tuesday morning from 10am - 1pm we take a look at an artist and find out about their life and work. We have a discussion, and then make work to a theme inspired by the artist. The cost is pay what you can, maximum £20 per class, minimum £5 per class, and you can attend all 10 weeks or just one, or anything in between!

For more info or to join please ping me an email with "Exploring Creativity Course" in the subject line.

Here's what I have planned for the Winter Run:

Tuesdays 10am -1pm on Zoom.

1. 1st Dec. William Morris -
Floral patterns in pen, ink and watercolour

2. 8th Dec. The Pre Raphaelites -
Luminous colour, flat and detailed brushwork in acrylic

3. 15th Dec. Bonnard-
Impressionist techniques in oil paint

4. 22nd Dec. Felix Nussbaum -
German surrealism and the Holocaust

5. 29th Dec. Monet -
French impressionism and nature

6. 5th Jan. Manet -
Realism VS Impressionism

7. 12th Jan. Martha Jungwirth -
Mixed media expressive abstraction

8. 19th Jan. Leger -
Figurative cubism

9. 26th Jan. Renoir -
Impressionist figuration. We will have a life model this week, please be prepared to pay an extra £5 towards the session

10. 2nd Feb. Claude Lorraine -
Romantic landscape painting

Also in December I'm running another all day life drawing class online. Streamed live from the classroom at Adult Learning Lewisham you'll get the chance to work all day on a variety of short and long poses, working up to a very long pose after lunch. 
The cost is £35 full price, £21.50 concessions. For more info and to book please go here: 

I'm delighted to be taking part in Camberwell Arts Open Studios online event. It takes place from November 28th - December 6th, more information can be found here:

Finally, I've set up a page where you can support my work by "buying me a coffee". To find out more, and maybe buy me a coffee, just click the link here:

That's all for now folks, stay warm and well and have a lovely winter season!

With love and best wishes Joanna

Joanna McCormick, artist.

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