Sunday 20 November 2011


I am pleased to announce that Vox Wonder, Voice Activated Drawing Machine will be appearing at three different venues in the coming weeks...

The first tonight (Sunday 20th November) at The Others Bar in Stoke Newington:

Music! Comedy! Anti-Folk! Live Physics! Fanzines! Cake!

London anti-folk musician Depresstival presents a new monthly night of music, comedy, live physics and cake et all...She has many bizarre and talented friends. Come and see the best of London's alternative and disenfranchised performers. When prompted, they had this to say:

"Everything is dead. However, the thing that’s most dead of all is Genre.
Come to the wake of unpopular dusty old Uncle Genre - the dirty letch who wanted to sell you to the circus when you were 7 and had just learnt to play the double bass.

Come celebrate the Death of The Narrator by telling defamatory stories about him, while having a look at some humans who will perform actions that include music, words and movements in space.

If you need definitions of what it will be like, go to the nearest dictionary and stick a pin in it. Good luck."


Nick Sun
Adam Donen
Michal Kapko
Vox Wonder voice activated drawing machine
Julie Hills
Holly Partridge
Gregory Akerman

mit DJ Campbell!!!

£3 / £2 concessions

Tube: Finsbury Park, then 106 bus
Overground: Stoke Newington (from Liverpool Street or Seven Sisters)
Buses: 67, 73, 76, 106, 243, 393, 476

Then on Saturday 26th of November between 2 and 3pm The Machine will be at Peckham Settlement's family fun day, more info. here:

And on Monday December 5th get yourself down to The Betsy Trotwood pub (Betsy Trot would!) for the magical and super fun evening Oh for the Love of Dada.

From 8pm. This event is free.

Organiser Kate Wiggs writes:

Poetry, music, spoken word, performances both on and off stage and lots of other treasures that somehow evade categorisation.

Delights include action painting by Grimes&Jones, a Voice Activated Drawing Machine, glockenspiels, life drawing with a real mermaid and poetry previously performed at the crucible of Dada, the Cabaret Voltaire, courtesy of Frog Morris.

Come join us and turn an uneventful Monday evening into a scintillating cultural adventure!

click for the event page on Facebook, or follow this link for more info on the venue:

Hope to see you soon! Toodlepip!

Thursday 27 October 2011

Don't miss my performance at The Montague Arms this Saturday - 29th October 2011. More details below and at

On Saturday 17th September police were called when residents of Nunhead reported seeing a terrifying apparition of a grieving bride roaming the nearby Green. We've booked her.

Roaming the bar as Edgar Allen Poe

A multi sensory tour of the horrors of New Cross Gate. Experience the erie all night off licence, the kebab shop of sin, the mysterious cash point, the terrifying Polish Shop and the abominable housing estate!

Monster Mash-up 'til late

The evening is set in the Montague Arms, a strange old south London boozer stuffed full of stuffed animals, skeletons, coffins, pirate treasures and other freakish items collected over its long history. This pub has long been an uncanny curiosity of South London that can wow audiences before the live entertainment even begins. There is no more befitting venue for a Halloween Night Party.

Saturday 24 September 2011

I will be performing today as part of the Folkestone Triennial:

The Haunted Sea
Short Film Screening
Musical Performance by English Heretic
Friday 23 September 2011
7pm doors open,
7.30pm musical interlude by English Heretic
8pm film screening commences
64 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JP
Twelve international artists have responded to our call for short films on the theme of “The Haunted Sea”.
The films will be screened together on the final weekend of the Folkestone Triennial.
English Heretic will open and close the event with “An intermission of aural lagan, manipulating phonographic salvage from the actual locations of M.R.James' ghost stories “A Warning to the Curious” and “Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You.”
Film Programme
Arctic Echo, Dir. Eva Rudlinger, UK, 2008
[desı’re:] the Goldstein Reels, Dir. Romeo Grünfelder, Germany, 2006
The Radiographer’s Daughter, Dir. Stasis73, UK, 2011
Ash On My Skirt, Dir. Amy McDonough, UK, 2011
Dziwy Mórz Głębokich (The Deep Sea Wonders), Dir. Tymon Albrzykowski, Poland, 2010
Oh Dreamland, Dir. Inez de Coo, UK, 2010
The Salem Ghost Ship, Dir. Glenn Church, USA, 2011
Mermaid Song, Dir. Nick Baxter, Jude Cowan, Joanna McCormick, UK, 2011
Edges of the Peripheries, Dir. Emma Caddow, UK, 2007
West of Arran, Dir. Neil Baker, UK, 2011
Joy, Dir. Kieron Clark, UK, 2007
Seaworthy, Dir. Ellen Lake and Chris Green, USA, 2010
Saturday 24th September, 2.00p - 6.00pm
the films will be screened on a loop at 64 Tontine Street
and the B&B Project Space will be open with a final chance to glimpse the GHost CLHub
4.00pm – Performance by Joanna McCormick and Jude McGowan
the B&B Project Space, 14 Tontine Street

Thursday 8 September 2011


I will be performing at Nunhead Open 8, tomorrow evening 6-8pm..

And above is a pic of me performing with Daren Callow and Daniel Lehan at a performance event curated by SHIFT. at the Angus Hughes Gallery


Thursday 30 June 2011

HELLO! here are some pictures of my interactive singing teacher performance for Sarah Sparkes's Chutney 5, on Camberwell Green, part of Camberwell Arts Week.More information on Chutney 5 here:!/media/set/?set=a.1610902611649.64568.1808772977

And here:

Saturday 11 June 2011

I will be at the Pharmacy of Stories this afternoon (Saturday June 11th). Maybe see you there...

Sunday 5 June 2011

Wonderful evening at the pharmacy of stories last night, for the opening of Hello Stranger. Pictures, stories, songs, films, bubble projections, magic potions, an encounter with a skirt and this lovely reindeer identified the cause for my diagnosis with a drawing, in You Tell Us We Tell You..

Drawing by Brendan McIntyre
Dolls by Tina Bueno
And, Lanternier, Lost...

Monday 30 May 2011

I will be taking part in this show in a new gallery in the east end, go to for more details...
Artwork by Sarah Doyle

In June I will also be taking part in Sarah Sparkes's Chutney 5, an open air public performance art event on Camberwell Green on the 16th of June 2011.
I will be Miss Birch. Learn to sing for 50p

Join us for fresh air and un-learning on Camberwell Green, where doors that are open to the wise are also open to the foolish. Performances, interactions and interventions dissecting the institutions of learning in a class room without walls.

School, university, college - the happiest days of your life, or a recurring nightmare? ‘They’ made you go to school, you survived and now, post-compulsory education, you’re free to learn something that interests you, just as long as you can afford it.

The Chutney Preserves will remove any degree of knowledge, facilitating your unlearning and return you to a classless state of pre-educated happiness.


Linda Barck

Jo David

Sarah Doyle

Rebecca Feiner

Charlie Fox

Rachael House

Miyuki Kasahara

Lonesome Cowboys from Hell - (Tim Flitcroft, Calum F. Kerr, and various miscreants)

Daniel Lehan

Joanna McCormick

Frog Morris and Mark Dean Quinn


Ian Robinson & Vanessa Scully

Liam Scully

Jacqueline Utley

Sinead Wheeler

A Goat

Join Linda Barck in the naughty corner. Look and listen with Jo David as London’s lost underground languages disappear before your eyes and ears. Learn how to brain fart with Sarah Doyle. Take your windy brain for a ‘mashup’ at Rebecca Feiner’s Fictitious University of the Imagination’. Share incidents from your past and celebrate your freedom in tell-tale rhymes of (un)reason and preserved memory at Charlie Fox and the Urban Bear Research Centre’s School of (D) Holmes. Rachael House invites you to make art herstory and draw a feminist for Typical Girls, a feminist gallery. Never graduated, well now you can as Miyuku Kasahara invites all to be Chutney Graduates, complete with graduation certificate and photograph. Sign up for the school of plain livin' and hard studyin' where you can experience a program of unpardonable actions until sundown with the Lonesome Cowboys from Hell (Tim Flitcroft, Calum F. Kerr, and various miscreants).

Daniel Lehan will be teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. Realise the potential of your vocal powers with Joanna McCormick- are you an angel or a warthog? Prizes and accolades for every one in Frog Morris’ and Mark Dean Quinn’s’ ‘Unwrong Quizz’, the exam with no right or wrong answers. In secret hide outs and camouflaged in the vegetation of Camberwell Green, Ian Robinson and Vanessa Scully's ‘guerrilla gardening school is looking for new recruits to train in the art of seed bombing. Shaman Liam Scully will take you on a personal journey of discovery form inside his smoke house tepee. PEPAMO invite ALL to the School re-union, creating an environment which facilitates the experience of a shared memory with a bunch of people you never knew. Jacqueline Utley with her ' Daily Report ' will collate drawings and thoughts on the theme of ‘rules for The Paper Museum at the School of Chutney’. Sinead Wheeler has producing A0-size poster facsimiles of The Little Red Schoolbook with a text about its history.

Chutney Preserves is supported by Space Station Sixty-five and Camberwell Arts

And one last thing to think about before home time:

Do you agree with the following statement - The classroom is a mirror, reflecting a society where the majority submits to the perceived superiority of the individual, institution and ultimately the Government.


Reply to all

In May I moved studio and am very happy to be artist in residence at Peckham Settlement! Above is a new drawing I've been working on called The Mermaid's Song. It will form part of a mini installation called Lustrous Balm for new gallery Pharmacy of Stories at London Fields E8. The opening show Hello Stranger will take place from the 4th to the 20th June 2011. You are warmly invited to attend the opening party on Saturday 4th of June from 6.30 to 9.30pm, more details can be found at

Tuesday 3 May 2011

I will be performing my Singing Ghost at this event, photo, hair and make up by Amber Sibley, costume by Victoria Morris.

Saturday 5 March 2011

Unfortunately The Machine of Visual Delights no longer requires the assistance of Vox Wonder at The Barbican Weekender, we will be collaborating in the future - details soon...

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Vox Wonder, Voice Activated Drawing Machine will be assisting Deborah Andrews' Machine of Visual Delights at The Barbican Weekender, this Saturday the 5th of March 2011. Come along between 11am and 1pm to experience the Vox Wonder working in tandem with Visual Delights...

Tuesday 15 February 2011

My painting - About Peckham Number one, with Lanternier - appeared on Songs of Praise last Sunday - 13th of Feb. To see it follow this link:

The speech bubbles read "Peckham was my destination, Peckham was my destiny"

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Here are photos from my latest performance Acappella Cat.

A collaboration with fellow artist Michelle Butcher, we sing acappella and translate songs into cat.

This performance took place at Frog Morris's Music Hall event at The Montague Arms in Peckham,January 13th 2011. Photos by Victoria Morriss aka Mrs. Frog. See more on Flickr:;

The video will appear here sometime in February!