Thursday 16 October 2014

Hello everyone, 

 I hope you can come and enjoy my live art interaction "Blindsided", at the beautiful exhibition "We Could Not Agree", in Q Park car park, Cavendish Square London W1. 6.30pm start. Curated by Vanya Balogh, Sarah Sparkes, Cedric Christie, Alice Herrick, Roger Clarke, Rebecca Scott, Pascal Rousson, Tracey Morberly, Mark Woods and Geoff Leong. Here is an animated snippet of the show, by Marinecreature:

With love and best wishes - Joanna

Thursday 18 September 2014

Hello everyone!

I'm very pleased to be delivering my live art interaction Nun'shead on Nunhead Green this Saturday September 20th, from 2-5pm. It's part of Nunhead Open 10, which opens tomorrow evening, more information below:

Nunhead Open 10 Art Exhibition 2014
Nunhead Corner, 26 Nunhead Green, SE15 3QF
Friday 19 - Sunday 21 September  
Open 11 am - 5pm
Opening Party Celebration Nunhead Corner
Friday 19 Sept 6-8pm, All Welcome

Performances and souvenirs at the Opening Party:
Special souvenirs by Daniel Lehan, Sarah Doyle, Tracey Francis. Plus Art Lucky dip, badges and more.
Contemporary Art Song- 6pm
Joan Byrne and Pia Goddard  members of the Rye Poets will be reading/performing their poetry, some of it wryly humorous 6.30pm
Frog Morris and Nicole Mollett -The Art of the magic lantern 7. 30 pm
SLAAM tour of off the map Nunhead SLAAM (South London Alternative Art Map) is a drinking society to celebrate off the map artists and the places where they work. Meet at Nunhead Open 8 pm
Daniel Lehan- UNsigns ~A series of hand painted signs located in and around the Nunhead Green that highlight and celebrate the Nunhead Library. Viewable 24 hours 14-21 September 2014.
Artists projects/Installation at Nunhead Corner, 19-21 September (alongside main Open Exhibition)
Miyuki Kasahara "Mebaru Spring" A school of fish installation. Each fish has a number on showing their radioactive Cesium level (Cs-134 + Cs-137) and the dates they were caught in the port of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.
Mikey Georgeson- The howl of the Mounting Kin -Drawings from the subconscious and the neurotic self. Most are funny. Some are even rude.Visitors are encouraged to remove a drawing.
Hatty Lee - Site specific light piece at Nunhead Corner.
Sat 20 September  Performances 2-5pm ( Nunhead Green area)
Joanna McCormick- live art interaction. Have your prayers answered by Joanna McCormick's Nun's Head.
Tim Siddall -Poet For Hire Ongoing performance art piece
Nunhead Library  Sat 20 September
Calum F Kerr -The Society for the Preservation of Admirable Rubble (SPAR), Nunhead Meeting with founder Brian Guest .The Society for the Preservation of Admirable Rubble (SPAR) is dedicated to preserving the rubble of the UK in all its varied forms. Guest will be on hand to talk about the society in the light of redevelopment around Nunhead Green. Visitors are encouraged to draw and talk about rubble 12-5pm SPAR: 
Sarah Sparkes-Psychic Synopsis: Indexing the Unconscious Mind of Nunhead Library 2-5 pm (also Sat 13 Sept 2-5pm)
SLAAM will be further exploring the archive, sharing tips on mapping and celebrating alternative cultural forms. 2-5pm
Sunday 21 September at Nunhead Open

This Happy band - After performances at The Barbican, The South London Gallery, Brixton Market, the Camberwell Art Festival, and Cabaret Voltaire - Zurich, This Happy Band returns to The Nunhead Open- the place they first ever performed! Meet 1pm   

Rachel Gomme- Mouth to Mouth, a one-to-one interactive encounter, focuses on breathing as a cycle of giving and receiving, inviting the viewer to exchange a small quantity of their own breath for a similar gift from an unknown other. 123pm 
For updates please visit:  twitter: @nunheadopen

I was delighted to be invited to contribute to Open House weekend at Union Chapel. I made some exploratory works in response to the building and its hidden treasures. These small works can be seen at the chapel this weekend and will be displayed alongside a beautiful sound scape by artist James Mabbett. More details can be found here:

​On the evening of Tuesday October 7th there will be something unusual and probably bubbly occurring at The Montague Arms pub, for Frog Morris Presents. More info here:

And on Friday October 17th from 6pm, I will be delivering "Blindsided" live art interaction, to compliment my installation "A Prayer for Freedom and Peace". This will be shown at We Could Not Agree, art exhibition, for which I have been curated by artist Vanya Balogh. Save the date! More details to follow in October.

Here are some pictures of "Heart Piece", a live art interaction for Samia Gallery, that took place last month. Thanks to Andrew Stys for this photo...

​I hope that you are having a wonderful September! With love and best wishes - Joanna.

Thursday 14 August 2014

Hello everyone!

I hope you will come along to Samia Gallery on Sunday, where I will be delivering my "Heart Piece" live art interaction at about 3pm. 

It's a lovely gallery in East London, the nearest stations are Aldgate East and Whitechapel. It's a fundraiser for Gaza:

Last month I was very pleased and excited to be part of Vanya Balogh and Danny Pockets' Big Deal Marvellous Mix-Ups:

                                                                         Picture by Vanya Balogh
Here's a link to a video about the show:

And here are some photos of the live art interaction "Cake Smash", that I did there: 

                                                Photo by Andy Rogers
                                    Photo by Andy Rogers

"Cake Smash" explored notions of consumerism, commodity and value. The cake was made of plaster shapes cast from disposable food packaging and assembled in situ in the open back of a lovely retro delivery van. Put together with pva glue and decorated with dayglo paint, glitter, beads, buttons and gold leaf, the cake was smashed up and dished out while I sang songs of peace and love. Thanks to dancer Alice Labant for her help and to Danny Pockets and Vanya Balogh for curating the show.

​I hope you're having a super summer! With love and best wishes - Joanna

Wednesday 23 July 2014


From around 6pm this Friday July 25th, I'll be delivering "CAKE SMASH" live art interaction, with dancer Alice Labant. I will be smashing and slicing up and Alice will be dancing and dishing out slices of my deliciously inedible cake sculpture, in party bags, at the closing party of Vanya Balogh and Danny Pockets' wonderful Marvellous Mix-UpsX1 Exhibition. There will be singing and dancing.

Other performances from: RAUL PINA, FLANGE ZOO and paul sakoilskY

The party will finish at 10pm.

It's at Loud and Western, 59-65 Broughton Road, SW6 2LE.

It's easy to get to on the Overground, Imperial Wharf station is one stop away from Clapham Junction, or you can go to Fulham Broadway on the District Line.

Below are some photos of me making the cake, gazing at the cake, and one of the actual cake.

                                         photo by Danny Pockets

                                           photo by Phillip Raymond Goodman

                                 photo by Vanya Balogh

                See you soon, enjoy! - with love and best wishes, Joanna

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Hello everyone!

I am very delighted and excited to have been invited to make a new sculpture and live art interaction for Vanya Balogh and Danny Pocket's exhibition Big Deal Marvellous Mix- Ups X1.

It's in a fabulous building called Loud and Western, at 59-65 Broughton Road, SW6 2LE. The opening party is from 6-10pm tomorrow evening, Thursday July 10th. Nearest tube Fulham Broadway. And the live art interaction "Cake Smash" will take place in the evening on July 25th... More details at:

​Last month I was awarded three live art commissions.​ "TwentyTwenty" for Camberwell Arts Festival, "Love/Hate RAte" for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition's Midsummer night's Fete, and "Fun Factory" for Sarah Sparkes' Chutney Preserves 8. Here are some pictures:

                                              ​Photo by Andy Rogers

                                                 ​photo by Luba Elliot

                                         Photo by Jemima Broadbridge

​                                        Photo by Jemima Broadbridge

                                       ​Photo by Jemima Broadbridge

"TwentyTwenty" collected twenty stories from, and made twenty drawings with, people in, around, and about Camberwell.

"Love/Hate RAte" invited guests at the Midsummer Night's Fete to explore their innermost feelings about the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, and recorded these thoughts on a handmade day glo cardboard lollipop for them to take home as a memento. It was really interesting to discover that many of the same works of art were loved passionately by some people and loathed heartily by others. There was one particular group of drawings that many people found disturbing, hilarious or just plain offensive, and the most popular reasons people had for being moved to love an artwork were because of the colours, the textures and that "It spoke to me". Also providing roaming live art interactions at the Fete were artists Calum F Kerr, Daniel Lehan and Frog Morris.

At Chutney Preserves 8, The Wonders of Camberwell, I explored Fred Karno's Fun Factory by enacting a live custard pie fight, with Charlotte Squire, inviting people to throw cream covered marshmallows at a day glo target, and making a deliciously inedible cake sculpture in celebration of 20 years of Camberwell Arts Festival.

I hope to see you soon! With love and Best wishes - Joanna

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Hello everyone!

I am very pleased to have been awarded one of twenty commissions to celebrate Camberwell Art Festival's twentieth birthday!

I will be performing 20/20 in and around Camberwell this Sunday June 15th. Come and find me between the hours of 11.30am and 5.30pm, where as journalist TwentyTwenty I will be on the hunt for stories to capture and illustrate, leaving the resulting little pictures on display on clip boards throughout Camberwell, for the duration of the festival, until June 22nd. Locations to include The Tiger Pub, Camberwell Green and Butterfly Walk.

More info. on C.A.F. here:

HOORAY for Chutney! 

image by Sarah Sparkes

For the closing celebrations of Camberwell Arts Festival I will be taking part in the fabulous Chutney Preserves 8, on Sunday June 22nd, at Camberwell Green from 1-6pm.

I'll be celebrating Camberwell's forgotten Fun Factory with a neon cake sculpture, cup cake target practice and a custard pie fight!

Curated by artist Sarah Sparkes, more info. here:

And on Saturday June 21st I am very pleased and delighted to have been invited to present a new live art piece called "Love/Hate" - RAte, at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition's Midsummer Fete. Curated by artist Frog Morris, with Daniel Lehan and Calum F Kerr. The fun starts at 6pm and goes on until midnight. This event is ticketed, for more info and to book tickets go here:  

And last month I had the excitement of being asked to perform Sweetalking at The Camberwell Society's AGM.

Here are some photos and a link to a little video taken by Sarah Sparkes:

Enjoy! With love and best wishes - Joanna

Thursday 22 May 2014


I will be performing as The Grim Rapper at Frog Morris's Return to The Montague Arms, at The Montague Arms Pub, Queen's Rd, SE15 2PA. More information here:

I hope to see you there. - toodlepip!

Saturday 10 May 2014


Last night at Dulwich Festival's Launch Party as Sweetalking I collected 57 secrets. Here are a few:

The fun continues in Dulwich until 18th of May, for more information follow this link:

And tomorrow, Sunday May 11th, Vox Wonder will be manifesting somewhere around the South Bank, sometime about 2pm. Come and request a drawing! See it appear before your very eyes as if by magic! For more info. on Vox Wonder go here:

Happy weekend!

Wednesday 7 May 2014

​Hello everyone!
This Friday, May 9th, I will be performing Sweetalking at Neil and Steve's Dulwich Festival launch party:

When? This Friday from 6pm
Where? Neil & Stevie's 125 Court Lane SE21 & Ingrid & Tom's 182 Court Lane


Come and enjoy the party!
With love and best wishes - Joanna

Friday 28 March 2014


SATURDAY APRIL 5th 2014 11am-6pm

GREEN SHOOTS - Besson Street Community Gardens, London SE15, just behind Kender Primary School, Kender Street, London SE14 5JA

For the past year and a half I have had my studio space at Kender Primary School. I have been working with the children on art projects, in exchange for use of a large classroom space, in which to explore my own art practice.

I am moving to a log cabin in the playground at John Donne Primary School in Peckham, but before I go I will be displaying a sample of my work and giving you a taste of my studio space by setting up a mini installation at Green Shoots, Besson Street Community Gardens, SE14 5AE.

Almost all of the art work will be for sale, so come and grab a bargain. It would be lovely to see you! 

With love and best wishes – Joanna

         “Pink Moon” Jan 2014, watercolour on board, in collaboration with artist Alice Renouf.

    This event is part of the Telegraph Hill Festival.
Follow this link for more info. number 17 on the map:

Friday 21 March 2014

Hello everyone,


Next Wednesday evening March 26th, I will be singing at a Celebration of J.S. Bach with Roger B. Williams and Union Chapel Singers, at The Union Chapel in Islington. More info here:

Then the following evening, Thursday 27th, I am very pleased and excited to be performing my Singing Ghost live art piece at Saint Giles' Church on Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8RB, for Camberwell Free Film Festival, to accompany their screening of the Japanese horror film Kwaidan.

More info here:

and here:

The film screenings will be surrounded by art installations and performances, artists include Miyuki Kasahara, Calum F Kerr, Charlotte Squire, Anne Robinson and Sarah Doyle. This event is curated by Sarah Sparkes, as part of GHost.

The live art piece "Singing Ghost" explores the context of song lyrics. In particular how the meaning of songs shift sharply when sung by a ghost. The piece is a medley of covers, interwoven with my own 'song poems' and ghostly sounds, creating a multi layered performance examining notions of love, loss and contemporary perceptions surrounding the meaning of death. For "Kwaidan" on March 27th The Singing Ghost will have a Japanese twist. Here is Singing Ghost at Westminster Library in 2012

On Wednesday April 2nd I will be singing with Union Chapel Singers again, delivering an evening of carousing, merry making and drinking. Come and join us for a sing along in Union Chapel's gorgeous bar! Entry is free, but donations are welcome, with all profits going to the charity Wateraid.

More info and a poster that I made for the event can be found here:
I have a watercolour, pastel and ink piece called "Chalkhill Blue", in the Stop The War exhibition at Indra Samia Gallery, 19 Henriques Street, London E1 1NB
The opening party is on Friday March 28th from 6pm - 9pm and the exhibition continues until April 30th. More info here:

Come and see my studio before I move! I'm opening my studio at Kender Primary School, Kender Street, SE14, as part of Telegraph Hill Festival, on Saturday April 5th, from 11am - 6pm. More info on the festival can be found here:
More info on Kender School can be found here:

And finally, here are some pics from The Mad March Chutney Tea Party, that took place at Hundred Years Gallery at the beginning of this month. Thank you to photographer Jemima Broadbridge for those.

It was a wonderful live art performance in celebration of March madness, with artists Sarah Sparkes, Sarah Doyle, Philip Goodman, Calum F Kerr, Frog Morris, Ben Foong, Caroline Gregory and Rebecca Feiner.

Alice Renouf and I created a mysterious singing concoction, inspired by the 1965 Joseph Beuys performance "How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare", and celebrating spring. I was the female personification of Joseph Beuys, and Alice was the spirit of the hare. I made a Vox Choc cake. An inedible delicacy cast in plaster from cake, biscuit and chocolate packaging, and decorated with paint, buttons, shells, beads and gold leaf. It was cut up and distributed to members of the audience who were also invited to paint harey eggs with Sarah S., open Magpies with Sarah D., be analyzed by scientist Frog and insulted by Philip's course hare  and of course to join in the singing. It was collaborative, creative chaos, mayhem and March madness. A Chutney Preserves event, in the true spirit of Chutney, curated by Sarah Sparkes.

I hope to see you soon, with love and best wishes - Joanna

Thursday 13 February 2014

Hello everyone!

This Saturday February 15th, one of my paintings will be in Mikey Georgeson's art raffle, all proceeds will be going to the Kids co. charity.
Mikey will be playing a live set with his band The Civilised Scene. It all starts at 8pm and entry is free - at Paper Dress Vintage, 114-116 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AH. More info here:

Then on Saturday March 1st Alice Renouf and I will be taking part in Chutney Preserves' Mad March Chutney Tea Party at The Hundred Years Gallery, 13 Pearson Street, E2 8JD.
It starts at 4.30pm and ends at 6.30pm.

Come and see the giant Vox Choc cake and sample inedible morsels from it! During the madness and mayhem I will be manifesting as the female personification of Joseph Beuys during his performance "How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare" and Alice will be embodying the spirit of the hare. There will be singing and dancing...
More info. here:
At Chinese New Year Alice and I took part in the Chinese Open 2014 Year of the Horse Exhibition in Q Park, a car park in Soho. It was organised, curated and hosted by Vanya Balogh, Cedric Christie and Geoffrey Leong. 
Thanks for the photographs of our installation and performance taken by India Roper-Evans and Damian Cosmas, below. Here is a link to a video of our live art singing piece, thanks to Philip Raymond Goodman:

A film of the exhibition, by Monika K, can be found here:

Back in December I won second prize in the Peckham Space (now Peckham Platform) Open performance night, for my live art piece Sweetalking. A photo of Sweetalking taken by Emily Druiff is below.
I swapped sweets for secrets and read the secrets out at the end of the night. A lot of them were open secrets, such as "Peckham Space is going to be called Peckham Platform" and
"Always be courageous in order to live an authentic, meaningful life of love."
Some of my favourite secrets were "I love you", "I paint my toenails", "You are the best artist in the world", and "What is unseen is more important than what is seen".

Toodlepip and I hope to see you soon!
With love and best wishes - Joanna
Joanna McCormick, artist.