Wednesday 23 July 2014


From around 6pm this Friday July 25th, I'll be delivering "CAKE SMASH" live art interaction, with dancer Alice Labant. I will be smashing and slicing up and Alice will be dancing and dishing out slices of my deliciously inedible cake sculpture, in party bags, at the closing party of Vanya Balogh and Danny Pockets' wonderful Marvellous Mix-UpsX1 Exhibition. There will be singing and dancing.

Other performances from: RAUL PINA, FLANGE ZOO and paul sakoilskY

The party will finish at 10pm.

It's at Loud and Western, 59-65 Broughton Road, SW6 2LE.

It's easy to get to on the Overground, Imperial Wharf station is one stop away from Clapham Junction, or you can go to Fulham Broadway on the District Line.

Below are some photos of me making the cake, gazing at the cake, and one of the actual cake.

                                         photo by Danny Pockets

                                           photo by Phillip Raymond Goodman

                                 photo by Vanya Balogh

                See you soon, enjoy! - with love and best wishes, Joanna

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Hello everyone!

I am very delighted and excited to have been invited to make a new sculpture and live art interaction for Vanya Balogh and Danny Pocket's exhibition Big Deal Marvellous Mix- Ups X1.

It's in a fabulous building called Loud and Western, at 59-65 Broughton Road, SW6 2LE. The opening party is from 6-10pm tomorrow evening, Thursday July 10th. Nearest tube Fulham Broadway. And the live art interaction "Cake Smash" will take place in the evening on July 25th... More details at:

​Last month I was awarded three live art commissions.​ "TwentyTwenty" for Camberwell Arts Festival, "Love/Hate RAte" for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition's Midsummer night's Fete, and "Fun Factory" for Sarah Sparkes' Chutney Preserves 8. Here are some pictures:

                                              ​Photo by Andy Rogers

                                                 ​photo by Luba Elliot

                                         Photo by Jemima Broadbridge

​                                        Photo by Jemima Broadbridge

                                       ​Photo by Jemima Broadbridge

"TwentyTwenty" collected twenty stories from, and made twenty drawings with, people in, around, and about Camberwell.

"Love/Hate RAte" invited guests at the Midsummer Night's Fete to explore their innermost feelings about the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, and recorded these thoughts on a handmade day glo cardboard lollipop for them to take home as a memento. It was really interesting to discover that many of the same works of art were loved passionately by some people and loathed heartily by others. There was one particular group of drawings that many people found disturbing, hilarious or just plain offensive, and the most popular reasons people had for being moved to love an artwork were because of the colours, the textures and that "It spoke to me". Also providing roaming live art interactions at the Fete were artists Calum F Kerr, Daniel Lehan and Frog Morris.

At Chutney Preserves 8, The Wonders of Camberwell, I explored Fred Karno's Fun Factory by enacting a live custard pie fight, with Charlotte Squire, inviting people to throw cream covered marshmallows at a day glo target, and making a deliciously inedible cake sculpture in celebration of 20 years of Camberwell Arts Festival.

I hope to see you soon! With love and Best wishes - Joanna