Friday 6 January 2017

Hello everyone.

Please come to the celebration party for my exhibition with Neil Ellis's Brilliant Neon at Cass Arts, this Thursday:


Cass Arts Islington Art Space, January 5th - February 4th 2017 

Opening party January 12th, 6-8pm.

For this exhibition at Cass Arts Islington store, 66-67 Colebrooke Row, London, N1 8AB, interdisciplinary artist Joanna McCormick shows her paintings alongside Neil Ellis's Brilliant Neon, to create an installation that shines with vibrant colour and light.

The show connects personal and political impulses and transgresses boundaries to create an innovative and collaborative, bright and evocative installation.

Vibrant neon lights shine out with intricate, varied and vivid motifs that dance across the walls. Sharing space with butterflies, sea monsters, sailors and mermaids, elements that are painted in oil on canvas or cardboard, and in watercolour on paper or card, with a bright palette and a broad range of techniques, including free scumbling translucent brushwork, blended strokes working wet into wet, handmade stencils and impasto and intensely fine lined detail drawn in paint onto flat colours.

The anchor, the lobster, hearts, birds, words and rainbows. The works blend and complement each other to create a unique and eclectic experience for the viewer.

The exhibition is an experiment with spatial variations, and sits between disciplines. Exploring notions of materiality, repetition and how motifs and themes relate and interact across formats.

 in the evening on Sunday January 29th I will be performing Moon Moon Sing Sing at Vinyl Deptford, with a great line up of experimental noisenicks:

Here are some photographs of the Cosmic Dogs and Spacestronaughts from my most recent exhibition Space 2016, curated by Vanya Balogh:

Thanks to Phillip Raymond Goodman for the pics.
​ The big and very beautiful photographs behind my work are by the artist Stacie McCormick​.
Best wishes for a happy and hearty 2017! - Joanna