Tuesday 26 April 2022

 Hi everyone,

Best wishes to you from sunny cold London!

I'm very happy to have been selected for Harts Lane's 10th anniversary exhibition The Way We Rise. It's at: 
17 Hart's Lane 
New Cross Gate 
London SE14 5UP 

The exhibition runs all week, in the afternoons from 2-7pm, until May 1st, exhibiting 50 women and female identifying artists with links to SE14. 
My piece Smash the Patriarchy is a homage to The Guerilla Girls. It's mixed media, including gold leaf on a wooden panel. I used wheatpaste to stick the prints of my self portrait on top, using the same recipe that Guerilla Girls use for their posters.
This is a fantastic exhibition! With:
Nadina Ali
Stefanie Allen
Cash Aspeek
Janet Barfield
Dagmara Bilon
Karen Bryne
Sara Carlyle
Nachael Catnott
Honour Cicley
Jane Dabate
Linda Dodd
Anna Dopke
Giulia Fassone
Julia Fernandes
Esther Frouchtman
Victoria Gill
Bijou Gregory
Charlotte Grocutt
Anna III
Mia Leech
Abigail Hammond
Molly Hankinson
Lily Hargreaves
Livia Harper
Niki Keep
Victoria King
Eloise Knight
Marina Kroyer
Larissa Latham
Megan Lim
Rachel Lonsdale
Katrina lyne-Watt
JJane MacKenzie
Rasa Mateviciute
Joanna McCormick
Venetta Nicole
Taryn O'Reilly
Shamina Peerboccus
Dagne petraityte
Qianhui Sun
Gill Roth
Tomilyn Rupert
Oie Slate
Katie Surridge
Jinia Tasnin
Lucie Turon
Iris Xu
Tisna Westerhof
Beth Carter Woodhouse

There are places still available for the following in person courses that I'm teaching at Brockley Rise for Adult Learning Lewisham:

Life drawing and painting - summer evenings 10 week course APP55BR Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm. Go here to book:

On the Drawing Made Easy 5 week course you'll learn lots of fab drawing techniques on Thursdays 5-7pm APP0131BR.
To book that one please follow this link:

There's also an all day life drawing class on Saturday May 7th, 10.30am - 3.30pm - it's a hybrid class. For in person in the classroom at Brockley Rise please use the code APP0080BR and for the online zoom version it's APP0080OL. To book go here and scroll down:

My Exploring Creativity online zoom class  Tuesdays 10am - 1pm starts up again on May 10th, with ten weeks of exciting artists to explore, including contemporary artist Jason Rose, Aida the robot, Poussin, Maurice Wade and more...To book a place and for more details please email me at this address: vox@joart.info

And my next 5 week independent life drawing online zoom class runs from May 17th - June 14th. This term we have an outdoor theme, with flowers from model Sarah, beach scenes with Luigi and rooftop views with Ian:

My work at Wave continues on Thursdays during the day, and last week I ran a special cushion making workshop in the evening, which was lots of fun!

I hope you are all fine and dandy, and I hope to see you soon!

With love and best wishes - Jo

Sunday 3 April 2022

 Hi everyone!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you're all okay. 

I've been very busy hanging my show with fellow artist Edori Fertig, and it's up and ready! it's at The Copper Beech Cafeoff the beaten track on Red Post Hill in North Dulwich, adjacent to Jags Sports Club, SE24 9JN. Come and have a swim, eat some crisps and look at our delightful works of art (even if I do say so myself)... 
After much deliberation we went for an organic cluster hang, if you don't know what that is then come and see! The opening party will be on Wednesday, April 6th, 7-9pm 😊😊😊
Exhibition runs until April 27th. 
I loved working with Edori on this show. It's always so much fun collaborating on curation, which for me is as much an intuitive artistic creative process as making the artwork is.
We found so much serendipity in our work and explored these in the hang, through matching colour combinations, theme affinities and opposite shapes.
Don't forget to come to the opening on Wednesday 7-9pm. There's lots of outdoor space so we're hoping for fine weather, and our snacks will be covid safe!

This month I'm also showing some work at The Green Community Centre in Nunhead, on Sunday April 10th:

Teaching a hybrid life drawing class for Adult Learning Lewisham on Saturday April 9th - find out more and book here:

And my five week online zoom life class starts running again from this Tuesday 4-6pm - email me if you'd like to join:

I'm also facilitating a sewing art evening event for Wave Cafe over in Muswell Hill on April 21st in the evening:

In other news I was super excited to see Kiss Me Quick on the telly! 

On Grayson's Artclub, Channel 4, my live art interaction Kiss Me Quick was featured for the theme of Love. Go here to watch:

Finally, I don't normally promote petitions much, but this is one that's very close to my heart, if you'd like to sign: