Thursday 11 October 2012


This month sees me djing, singing and rallying...

This Friday October 12th I will be spinning the decks and making you dance at
The Castle, 44 Commercial Road East London
Free entry
DJs John the Revelator, Dave Bryant, Vox Pops and more tbc.
Soul and rock 'n' roll, indie and noise.
I'll be first on, so get there early!

Then on Monday October 29th I will be performing Singing Ghost for Arctic Circle's fundraiser Halloween Broadcast 2012.
With Glen Duncan
(reading from Tallulah Rising) with acoustic performances from The Real Tuesday Weld, David O'Dowda & The Singing Ghost

Monday 29 October 2012
at Westminster Reference Library 8.30pm
35 St. Martin's Street  London WC2H 7HP / Leicester Square tube

Come with us, on a spooky Halloween journey through the mysterious shelves of Westminster Reference Library. Who will we find on our journey? Guided by Ben Eshmade, the Creepy Keeper of the Penguins, prepare to meet David O’Dowda, tinkling the icy keys of his piano, watch out for singing ghosts, feral bears and Eskimos gone wrong. Is that a chill in the air? Sure is! Arctic Halloween chill! For more info follow this link:

And here is a picture of the placard I made for Guy Atkins' Make the March project:

Unite for Equality.jpg

..United we stand, divided we fall...In terms of gender, I am currently reading The Equality Illusion by Kat Banyard and it has reminded me that despite the fact that we have achieved much in the struggle for equal rights with men, there is still a very long way to go. Page 3 still exists, equal pay is a myth. Media representations of women and our inability to throw off the ingrained social stereotyping that starts in the nursery mean that we must pull together and work harder for change. Men and women unite in the fight for equality! If we BELIEVE we CAN achieve! I am convinced that financial equality is also possible. Sharing comes naturally to some people and I think it should be considered a pure pleasure to spread the wealth, share the love as well as the money. We all benefit from the positivity of a happier and healthier society, there really is enough money to share so that our society can be bountiful for all of us. I was also exploring the premise that I am a whole and complete person, it is society that makes me disabled. We have the resources and the ability and as a society we have the responsibility to accept difference and to cherish one another for who, not what, we are. Let's unite for equality on all fronts, in all ways, for everyone!

For more information on the project visit: