Thursday 14 March 2024


This Saturday March 16th, for one day only, from 4.30pm til late, my giant mushroom sculptures will be making a very rare appearance for Pri's Art Salon at AMP Studios on the Old Kent Road SE15 1NL. 

The event includes an art exhibition, workshops, live music and performances, a bar and a life drawing session!

Tickets start at £6 and are available through Eventbrite at the link below, or you can pay more on the door:

My giant mushrooms will be displayed as part of the life drawing activity at Pri's Salon.

They were first made in 2002, as a project for Mole Valley District Council and The National Trust. The Mushroom Sound Sculptures were displayed in Polesden Lacey Old Stables in October 2002. 

I was awarded a grant from Arts Council England for the project. The installation was based around reminiscences collected from the people of Mole Valley, including a retired dairy farmer, a storytelling group "The Moles" and a botanist. 

The sculptures that I made were wired for sound, and each one told a story based on the memories that I collected. Since that time the work has evolved and changed, to include painted decorations on the plinths inspired by the wonders of nature. 

Over the years the sculptures have lost their voice, but they remain intriguing and curious celebrations of the natural world.

There are some pictures of them here:

I hope to see you there!

PRI’S ART SALON PRESENTS: S. O. S. - CREATIVITY IN THE FACE OF CLIMATE EMERGENCY SATURDAY MARCH 16th, 2024. Priscila Goncalves of Pri’s Art Salon announces the opening of a new art exhibition, co-curated alongside artists Eli Delbaere and with contributions from Miranda Smart, Abi Waud and Bethan Carrick. Documenting the artistic response to the urgent climate crisis across photography, painting, sculpture and textile work, a group of emerging and established artists will feature carefully selected, thought-provoking works.

In other news I'm very happy to have found a new art studio space at my local community centre in New Cross Gate! 

I'm very sad to be losing the studio that I had for 2 years in an old sofa warehouse on The Old Kent road with Arebyte. The developers moved in and are demolishing the building at the end of April. 

However, I was super lucky to find a new space so quickly, and I absolutely love it! If you'd like to arrange a studio visit please don't hesitate to contact me. I will likely be there a lot during the days of recovery after my surgery that's happening on Tuesday next week. 

Here are some photos:

And in case you missed it, here are some photos from last week's life drawing Sunday special that I devised for Corner New Cross. It was lots of fun and I realised how much I've missed running these kind of events, untutored and relaxed, with the poses set to music. There will be more...