Monday 28 January 2013


You are invited to visit me in my lovely art studio at Kender Primary school. It looks like this:

Kender studio.jpg

This month I have been, and next month I will be, focussing on my painting practice, so do get in touch to come and have a look. Some bits of some of the paintings look something like this:
P'ing detail8.jpgP'ing detail5.jpgP'ing detail6.jpgP'ing detail1.jpg

To arrange a visit please send an email to:

Back in December I performed Kiss Me Quick at Peckham Space, part of the Peckham Space Open -

Joyce Treasure took some pictures and wrote about the evening in her blog:
        Kiss me quick with Tracey.JPGKiss me quick@peckham space.JPG

Read all about it here:

While there, prizewinner Miyuke Kasahara took a cast of Kiss Me Quick's ear, for her project His/her personal sky:

kiss me quick ear.jpg

Also in December, Jude Cowan Montague and I performed as The Grimm Rappers for Calum and Miyuke's Eschatology for Beginners event, to celebrate the end of the world:

Grimm Rapper.jpgGrimm Rapper with banner.jpg

In the second photo you can see Sarah Sparkes's banner, made from WW2 black out material and satin. The banners then went on show at The Torrance Art Museum in L.A., more info here:

Best wishes and I hope you are having a happy new year!