Sunday 1 December 2013

This Friday December the 6th, I'll be Sweetalking at The Peckham Space Open performance night, from 6 - 9pm. Come along and swap a secret for a sweet! More information here:

And on Sunday the 8th of December I will be taking part in the Chutney Preserves' Winterfeste Celeste, at The Full Stop Cafe on Brick Lane, E1 6SA. Curated by Sarah Sparkes and Jude Cowan, the evening will begin at 6.30pm with a magical parade of the universe, and culminate in spectacular performances. I will be Lady Moon, representing the planet Jupiter, and singing a lullabye to Baby Moon. There will also be some little postcard sized oil paintings, depicting the Ladies of 63 of Jupiter's moons, a picture of one of these is below
... More information here:

Looking forward to seeing you! With love and best wishes - Joanna

Wednesday 18 September 2013

This Sunday 27th of September between 12 and 3pm, you will find me on Nunhead Green, in Nunhead, London SE15. I'll be Nippy Maid, selling delectable inedible morsels of Vox Chocs and Vol-au-Vents at the bargain price of 5op each. Part of Appetite Festival, the afternoon promises to be both entertaining and delicious.  For more info. follow the link below, and there are some pictures of me as Nippy Maid at Bah Humbug last year - thanks to Philip Goodman for the pics!

nippy maid crop.jpg
nippy maid with ed.jpg
And here are some pictures of Number 6 The Tory Beast, puppet master to the Lib. Dem. tiger cub, at Supernormal festival in August. Part of Sarah Sparkes' Chutney Preserves 7. Thanks to Jemima Broadbridge for these pics!
Tiger beast.jpg
tiger@supernormal.jpgtiger flames.jpg
tired tiger.jpg
Thanks and best wishes - Joanna

Tuesday 6 August 2013


This month is puppetastic for me! This weekend, August 9th-11th, I'll be performing "Number 6 Tory Beast, Puppet Master to the Lib Dem Tiger Cub" at the Supernormal Festival for Chutney Preserves, curated by Sarah Sparkes. And the following weekend I'll be at Riverside Studios as part of their Tete a Tete festival. I'll be live action painting for Opera at Home's production of Maria de Buenos Aires, with puppets!
For more information go to
For more information and to book a place at Supernormal see below.
Here's a link to a little video by Paul Wady of "Kiss Me Quick" kissing people quickly in Camberwell, also part of Camberwell Arts' Festival.
Enjoy!Toodlepip. Love and best wishes - Joanna.
Chutney Preserves wil  be taking their Chutney Puppet Camp to SUPERNORMAL this year.  You will find us on the Village Green area on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August.  We will be performing, processing and generating interactive double-dealings and belly-talking mayhem.  Make your own cathartic puppet at our workshops and come join the Chutney family.
We are the Chutney Preserves and we welcome you into our fold
SUPERNORMAL is on the 9th - 11th August at Braziers Park, Ipsden, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 6AN
Get your tickets here 

The ‘magnificent seven’ (plus zero) Chutney Preserves artists are.
 Sarah Sparkes, Charlotte Squires, Calum F. Kerr, Rebecca Feiner, Miyuki Kasahara, Joanna McCormick, Tim Flitcroft, Jude Cowan Montague Linda Barck and Philip Raymond Goodman
& The A Band

‘Chutney 7 – The Magnificent Seven’ is a multifaceted, interactive live art event, which draws on the spirit of celebratory public assembly dating back to prehistory. Appearing in the guise of a fete, country fair or rarey sideshow, it is an ‘organic’ public art work, this time featuring belly-talking puppetry. The history of country fairs tells of the use of puppets for entertainment, political satire and instruction. In Chutney Preserves events, artist-made marionettes, together with puppets made by members of the public at on-site artist-led workshops will perform a series of wondrous feats

Initiated in 2005, artists’ collective Chutney Preserves have worked with over 100 artists and participated in six festivals and events including: Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park and Camberwell Arts Festival on Camberwell Green. Chutney Preserves manifests for a magical seventh time in 2013 and The ‘Magnificent Seven’ artist/puppets will patrol Braziers park and periodically assembling to perform in the Chutney Marquee. Supernormal visitors can join the merry-making and make their own marionette at Chutney Puppet Camp. When all seven come together something extraordinary will manifest!
Chutney Preserves was initiated by Marq Kearey and Sarah Sparkes and is currently is herded by Sarah Sparkes.

Join us on the FaceBook

P.S:Tete a Tete was mentioned in OK! Magazine!

Friday 21 June 2013


Tomorrow - Saturday June 22nd - I will be performing Kiss Me Quick for the Camberwell Arts Festival. Come down to Camberwell between 1 and 6pm, and see if you can catch a glimpse of and a kiss from Kiss Me Quick. If you're lucky you might be given a free cardboard lollipop, as pictured below. For more info. follow this link:
And on this Sunday - June 23rd - I'll be a Number 6 Boxing Tiger on Camberwell Green. Number Six, The Tory Tiger Beast is Puppet Master to The Lib. Dem. Tiger Cub. The little baby tiger cub is pictured below, flying through the night to Chutney Preserves. For more info follow this link:
Also below is a picture of me being a Fish, for Bittersuite's monthly night at The Gallery Cafe in May. For more info. follow this link:
With love and best wishes - Joanna.
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kiss me quick @peckham space.JPGkiss me quick @peckham space
kiss me quick lolly2.jpegkiss me quick lolly
Tiger pup.jpegTiger pup.
Bittersuite .jpgBittersuite  

Sunday 7 April 2013

Hello everyone!
I'm performing with Jude Cowan for her World News Vision, at Vis The Spoon's Spoonful of
It's happening tomorrow - Monday April 8th, from 8pm at The Finsbury pub, 336 Green Lanes, N4 1BY, next to Manor House tube station.
Entry is free, I hope to see you there!

Here are a couple of links to other World News Vision performances, with Paul Wady as well...
Love and best wishes - Joanna

Monday 28 January 2013


You are invited to visit me in my lovely art studio at Kender Primary school. It looks like this:

Kender studio.jpg

This month I have been, and next month I will be, focussing on my painting practice, so do get in touch to come and have a look. Some bits of some of the paintings look something like this:
P'ing detail8.jpgP'ing detail5.jpgP'ing detail6.jpgP'ing detail1.jpg

To arrange a visit please send an email to:

Back in December I performed Kiss Me Quick at Peckham Space, part of the Peckham Space Open -

Joyce Treasure took some pictures and wrote about the evening in her blog:
        Kiss me quick with Tracey.JPGKiss me quick@peckham space.JPG

Read all about it here:

While there, prizewinner Miyuke Kasahara took a cast of Kiss Me Quick's ear, for her project His/her personal sky:

kiss me quick ear.jpg

Also in December, Jude Cowan Montague and I performed as The Grimm Rappers for Calum and Miyuke's Eschatology for Beginners event, to celebrate the end of the world:

Grimm Rapper.jpgGrimm Rapper with banner.jpg

In the second photo you can see Sarah Sparkes's banner, made from WW2 black out material and satin. The banners then went on show at The Torrance Art Museum in L.A., more info here:

Best wishes and I hope you are having a happy new year!