Sunday, 3 April 2022

 Hi everyone!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you're all okay. 

I've been very busy hanging my show with fellow artist Edori Fertig, and it's up and ready! it's at The Copper Beech Cafeoff the beaten track on Red Post Hill in North Dulwich, adjacent to Jags Sports Club, SE24 9JN. Come and have a swim, eat some crisps and look at our delightful works of art (even if I do say so myself)... 
After much deliberation we went for an organic cluster hang, if you don't know what that is then come and see! The opening party will be on Wednesday, April 6th, 7-9pm 😊😊😊
Exhibition runs until April 27th. 
I loved working with Edori on this show. It's always so much fun collaborating on curation, which for me is as much an intuitive artistic creative process as making the artwork is.
We found so much serendipity in our work and explored these in the hang, through matching colour combinations, theme affinities and opposite shapes.
Don't forget to come to the opening on Wednesday 7-9pm. There's lots of outdoor space so we're hoping for fine weather, and our snacks will be covid safe!

This month I'm also showing some work at The Green Community Centre in Nunhead, on Sunday April 10th:

Teaching a hybrid life drawing class for Adult Learning Lewisham on Saturday April 9th - find out more and book here:

And my five week online zoom life class starts running again from this Tuesday 4-6pm - email me if you'd like to join:

I'm also facilitating a sewing art evening event for Wave Cafe over in Muswell Hill on April 21st in the evening:

In other news I was super excited to see Kiss Me Quick on the telly! 

On Grayson's Artclub, Channel 4, my live art interaction Kiss Me Quick was featured for the theme of Love. Go here to watch:

Finally, I don't normally promote petitions much, but this is one that's very close to my heart, if you'd like to sign:

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